Looking for a solution to your audio problems? Snap.


Fault-free, fuss-free in-flight audio


Airline audio has a reputation for faults and failures. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Give every passenger a great in-flight audio experience with our innovative, reliable connector design.

Innovative, unobtrusive, indestructible

Our audio connector is unique – but because it’s based on the ‘snap’ buttons used in children’s clothing, it’s also familiar and easy to use. The robust, low profile design extends your headset’s use 3-5 times longer than those with the traditional headphone jack – saving you money and time.


A proven product from the audio experts

Snap Audio saw a problem with in-flight audio and decided to solve it. After several years spent in research, product development and extensive testing, we are proud of our patented, innovative design and ready to share our solution with the world.


“The headset is the most critical part of any IFE system. It defines the quality of audio delivery and its look and feel defines the quality of the Airline. The headset is probably responsible for more passenger complaints, and IFE reliability issues than any other IFE component - so why do most airlines leave its procurement to the catering department?”

- Geoff Underwood, Managing Director


"Factors such as increase in aircraft orders and deliveries across the globe, need for modern avionic systems, increasing flight safety, and decreasing operational & maintenance cost are the major growth factors for the aviation connectors market"

 Abhijeet Pandya, Sr. Corporate Communicator (Aerospace and Defense)