Solving your audio issues is a Snap!

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Positive experience, positive perceptions


Give your passengers a great in-flight audio experience and build a positive impression of your business with Snap Audio.

Today’s air travellers are experienced, aware and have very high expectations. They have a wide range of airlines to choose from, which means creating a positive, memorable in-flight experience is key to retaining customers and building your business.

In-flight entertainment is a major factor for customer satisfaction. Negative experiences with audio equipment are unfortunately common – passengers often have to have their headsets replaced before they can use them, sometimes need to move seats to find a working set, and can even end up spending an entire flight struggling to get their sound to work. Frustrating, right?

That’s where Snap Audio comes in. Our product provides high-quality, reliable audio with a robust, user-friendly connection. It lets your passengers enjoy movies, TV and music on every flight - and leave the runway feeling good about your airline.


Save money, save time and keep your passengers coming back with reliable, longer-lasting audio headsets from Snap Audio.


In-flight audio equipment can be surprisingly expensive. Each headset may not cost much, but they need to be replaced frequently – between 30-100% of audio jacks and sockets are replaced every year.

The traditional pin jack design is to blame – the thin, inconsistently sized pins can be damaged by passengers inserting them incorrectly, bumping them while they’re in use or trying to use the wrong pin for the jack. Replacements cost your business financially and in time spent testing, repairing and replacing the units.

Snap Audio’s jack was created as a solution to these problems. It’s designed to be robust and easy to use, with a low profile to avoid being bumped or nudged. Because it uses a round ‘snap’ connector rather than a long pin, it can’t be bent or damaged on insertion. Our headsets last more than three times longer than traditional sets and deliver reliable, high-quality audio throughout their lifespan – which your passengers will appreciate.


Reduce pressure for your people


Better audio means fewer dissatisfied passengers - which takes some of the pressure off your busy flight crew.

Traditional audio jacks are unreliable and easily damaged. Problems like squeaky or static headphones and blocked audio sockets are common – and they can be frustrating for passengers and flight attendants alike. Dealing with these problems and placating unsatisfied passengers takes time and energy.

Snap Audio jacks deliver reliable sound quality every time. Our headsets are less likely to be broken or malfunction – which means your passengers are more likely to be satisfied with their in-flight audio. This reduces stress for your flight attendants and gives them more time to focus on providing great customer service. Win win.