A small innovation that makes a huge difference


What Snap Audio does differently for you and your passengers  

  • Delivers consistently high sound quality, eliminating frustration and disappointment for your passengers.

  • The design means it’s less likely to be damaged by passenger use, so it needs to be replaced less often.

  • Simple to use and manage, so aircrew spend less time assisting passengers with faulty jacks.


Premium class impact

Is this too familiar?

Turning a traditional design into a high-tech component

The Snap Connector is based on a simple, familiar design – the snap buttons used in baby clothing. The connector looks like a slightly larger version of a snap button and clicks into place in a similar way.

Because it’s modelled on something most people have experienced, the Snap Jack is intuitive to use. More importantly, it provides consistently high sound quality and lasts longer than a traditional headphone jack.

product 2.jpg

The Snap Jack features

  • Reliable audio connection – with multiple contact points per circuit and numerous grips to secure the connection.
  • 160-degree pull capability – the connector can be turned while in use, without being accidentally removed.
  • Robust design – traditional headphone connectors can be damaged at insertion, removal or when accidentally bumped – the Snap jack is much more robust.
  • Shallow input – the Snap jack is just 1mm thick - less than 1/10th of the depth of a traditional jack.

The future of in-seat audio


In-flight audio started with the unreliable audio tube. With the introduction of dual and 3-pin headset jacks and noise cancelling features, reliability improved somewhat, but most airline passengers are still putting up with inconsistent sound quality. Airline owners and aircrew are still dealing with frequent damage to jacks and headsets - in fact, 30-100% of in-flight audio jacks are replaced annually.

Today’s airline passengers are used to reliable, high-quality technology – and they expect nothing less from their in-flight audio. That’s why we decided to give the headphone jack a much-needed update.